My favorite NY/NJ families!

Near the end of the summer I made a trip to NYC to visit some very special little ones.

At first, the newest adorable resident of Brooklyn wasn’t sure he was up for photos, even though I HAD come so far to meet him…

Wake up, buddy, with a ‘big’ sister like this, there’s so much fun happening, always!

And little brother joins the party!

I’m pretty sure if they got creative they could fit three or four more bambinos in their little Brooklyn home.

Next up, another little guy hit a milestone birthday.  Guess how old he is? (and if he’s excited about it?!)

We went early to the park to beat the crowds and get my favorite bridge to ourselves.

Another thing I love about Central Park, all you have to do is turn around and it’s like an entirely different world!

I’m already looking forward to my next chance to photograph both of these beautiful families, I love watching those kiddos grow!

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