frequently asked questions

What is your style?

The first thing I look for in a portrait is a glimpse into the life and personality of the subject. This is what photography is to me, not fabricating a particular preconceived image, but capturing what is. My style is very relaxed, I look for the best of natural expressions, and try to capture the uniqueness in each subject, the inherent joy and curiosity of children, the bonds between family members. Each child, each family is different, as should be every photograph. Smiles, frowns, contemplative gazes, sleeping babies, running children, this is life, this is what I love to photograph.

I personally love the intimacy of close-cropped faces, and am partial to black and white for capturing the timeless purity in my subjects. A look through my portfolio galleries will give you an idea of my photographic style.

What is a good age to photograph my child?

Any time. Every age, each stage, is unrepeated in the life of your child. The extreme newness of an infant, sitting up, walking, lost front teeth, new siblings, or when you just look at your child and think how time has flown.

What should we wear?

The simpler the better. Stiff, formal clothing makes for stiff, formal photographs, not the natural look we are trying to achieve, so make sure your child is comfortable in the clothes you choose. Bold patterns, stripes, words, or logos detract from the subject of the photo, your beautiful child. When seasonably reasonable, bare feet are wonderful, and of course babies are often their most photogenic wearing nothing at all. When photographing a group, it is nice to coordinate outfits in similar tones, but keep it natural. After all, you rarely go about in identical clothing, why should your family portrait be any different?

Where should the session be?

The setting for your session serves as background to your photographs, and should be chosen with this in mind. I'll be happy to discuss with you beforehand what your goals are, and help you to choose the right environment in which to capture your images. Your home makes a wonderful and very personal background for portraits of your family's life. Your yard, a local park, natural location, or an urban setting can all help to set a mood for your portraits. Ultimately, we are looking for a clear, uncluttered space in which to capture your child's true self. On-location means that I will come to you.

How long will the session last?

No hurry, we'll take anywhere from 1-2 hours generally, though newborns usually take a little longer.